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About Us

Energise Futures specialises in training workshops, e learning courses, events and consultancy services focussing on the Energy sector.

With over 25 years of event management experience Energise Futures provides an offering unlike any other company. We will assist you in training workshops, conferences & exhibitions to consulting on your own in-house programmes.

Let us take away all your pain by matching your company’s needs and objectives and tailor making the right programme for you.

Energise Futures is your one stop training provider so you don’t have to worry about a thing!!!

Online and classroom courses

Energise Futures only works with the most influential commercial & technical energy consultants in the world to provide the most up to date and relevant internationally acclaimed training workshops.

All of the consultants working with us are still involved in major projects around the world so have there fingers on the pulse and that is why Energise Futures has already won its first award for best training provider 2019 Singapore. 

Energise Futures runs a series of internationally acclaimed training courses, designed to develop participants’ commercial/technical acumen and skills across a variety of disciplines in the energy sector.

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Expert Advisors

Energise Futures (EF) has teamed up with a group of key advisors, who we like to refer to as the best of the best in their areas of expertise. They have joined us as they support of vision of creating a sustainable future for the energy sector through training and education and are they to help enable the growth of the business.

These key advisors bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the business enabling Energise Futures to stay ahead of the competition.


Our Online & Classroom Courses



  • Negotiating & Pricing Of Successful Gas & LNG Contracts 

  • Pricing and Price Review in Gas/LNG Contracts

  • Energy Storage Masterclass for Energy Supply Security

  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments In Oil & Gas

  • Commercial Fundamentals in Upstream Oil & Gas

  • Advanced Project  Management and Controls - LNG Project Management Workshop



  • LNG Terminal – Onshore & Offshore Design, Development & Project Execution

  • Masterclass on Process Engineering in LNG Terminal – Onshore & Offshore

  • Offshore Third-Party Access And Infrastructure Sharing

  • LNG Bunkering

  • Multi-User FSRU LNG Terminal Use Agreements

  • Masterclass In Long-Term Charters For FPSO, FLNG, FSRU & FSU



Our courses are an excellent way for participants to learn a new skill or continue expanding an existing skill. Our workshops can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. Please contact us at info@energisefutures.com to discuss your requirements and confirm a date with our expert trainers. 



Energise Futures aims to provide quality training courses through our Online Seminar and NEW E-learning platform. We strive to ensure you remain up-to-date and competitive in your career development especially with recent restrictions in place for travel and meetings through our Online platforms.

Do let us know if you are keen on exploring our these platforms with the Commercial and Technical Topics listed above and let's set this up!


Negotiation and Pricing of Successful Gas & LNG Contracts


About the Online Seminar


This intensive online seminar teaches you how to develop and price pipeline gas and LNG contracts whilst allowing participants to put into practice what they learn in a safe informal environment.


Please click play on the video teaser above by one of the expert trainer, Mr. David Morris to learn more about the online seminar.

Tuition will be given by:


2 Pre-Recorded Modules given ahead of the seminar

Ahead of the live seminar, participants will have the opportunity to obtain a basic understanding of the global gas & LNG markets through two pre-recorded modules which will cover an overview of the gas & LNG markets and provide a more detailed background of the European, US and Asian markets.


Live tuition for two half days

  • Half day one
    The live seminar kicks off with two key modules that look in detail at typical contract terms of both pipeline gas and LNG contracts and the pricing of those contracts.
  • Half day two
    Half Day Two will cover three areas in detail - Traded Markets; Trading and Risk Management of LNG; Price Reviews and International Arbitration


Each Virtual Classroom is limited to 15 participants to ensure the quality of training and to ensure a more hands-on, interactive approach.

To learn more or to register, please click here or contact us.



Energy Storage for Energy Supply Security

Energise Futures together with our E-learning partner Energy Strat Asia will be launching a series of E-Learning subjects. The Energy Storage for Energy Supply Security will be the first topic launched on this new platform. The first 2 modules of this subject which is going live are:

Module 1 - Overview of energy systems – Electrical power supply and Hydrocarbon fuels

  • Types of energy sources
  • Power generation with electrical grid system
  • Electrical power storage
  • Fuel storage
  • Gas storage
  • LNG storage

Module 2 - Energy security for electrical power supply and fuels and gas/LNG

  • Energy needs for infrastructure, heating, industry, vehicles and aviation
  • Define energy security
  • IEA requirement for oil/fuel stock holding for 90 days for member countries – Held by importers or government or government agency
  • Share of gas use in the energy mix has increased significantly in recent years
  • The relationship between gas and electricity generation
  • Supply security for gas is different to oil
  • Recent gas supply disruptions
  • 2.8 Peak demand swings significant for gas
  • Importance of Reliability and Availability requirements - 99.5 to 99.995%

Subsequent modules to follow:

  • Module 3 - Disruptions factors for electrical power supply energy systems short term – renewable and fossil/hydrocarbon fuel
  • Module 4 - Available forms of electrical energy storage
  • Module 5 - Limitations and constrains for electrical storage systems
  • Module 6 - Available methods for fuel storage
  • Module 7 - Options for gas and LNG storage
  • Module 8 - Types of LNG storage tanks
  • Module 9 - Selection criteria for LNG storage tanks
  • Module 10 - Risks for major storage systems – Electrical power, fuel and gas/LNG
  • Module 11- Strategy and Commercial Considerations for Energy Storage
  • Module 12 - Case studies

To learn more or to register, please contact us.